SSIS – Archiving a file with a variable name

1. Setup the variables An archive path variable of data type string. Use text below as the Expression. Modify the text to your desired folder location and your desired file name. "\\\\dwctSRV01\\c$\\Corefocus\\IMISTEST\\IMISTESTARCHIVE\\Integration_" + (DT_WSTR,4)DATEPART("yyyy",GetDate()) + RIGHT("0" + (DT_WSTR,2)DATEPART("mm",GetDate()) ,2) +…

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New Role

Love code? Ambitious and enthusiastic? Would you like to work in a small, experienced, entrepreneurial team and excel in your career? If so, then we would love to hear from you! Ideally, you should have practical knowledge of HTML, CSS,…

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How Is ClickDimensions Combating GDPR?

How is ClickDimensions combating GDPR?

ClickDimensions product enhancements for GDPR ClickDimensions will be adding key functionality to keep you compliant with GDPR. Read below for a summary of features or Click here for the full PDF release. Support for leads or contacts who have provided prior…

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