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How is ClickDimensions combating GDPR?

ClickDimensions product enhancements for GDPR

ClickDimensions will be adding key functionality to keep you compliant with GDPR. Read below for a summary of features or Click here for the full PDF release.

Support for leads or contacts who have provided prior opt-in consent.

ClickDimensions will consider any lead or contact that has previously opted-in and who is currently on a marketing list as being opted-in.

What if the lead or contact provided opt-in consent outside of ClickDimensions?

Users will be able to use an enhanced list import tool that will allow you to indicate that consent was received and you will also be able to provide details as to how/when/where they obtained the consent.

What if you don’t have opt-in consent from a lead or contact?

To keep compliant with GDPR you will need to send an email to leads or contacts who you have not obtained opt-in consent from BEFORE GDPR kick in on the 25th of May. The purpose of this email should be to gather opt-in consent from the lead or contact to allow marketing communications to continue.

Obtaining opt-in consent in the future.

You will be able to gather opt-in consent from future leads and contacts by having them complete a subscription management form.

‘Right to be Forgotten’ and requests to view or update information.

GPDR will allow your leads and contacts to requests that you provide them with a copy of all information stored about them in your company’s systems. They can also request you to modify or delete this data. ClickDimensions will add a new functionality so users are able submit a request for a data lookup using the lead or contacts email address and your ClickDimensions account key. ClickDimensions will then return all information available it has, which can be combined with information from other systems. ClickDimensions will also Modify and Delete data when requested, users will need to then delete the lead or contacts data from CRM.

Consent to and opt out of web tracking.

GDPR requires companies to allow leads and contacts to opt out of having their web activity tracked. You can now include an Opt-Out popup anywhere the web tracking script is present.

Collecting opt-in consent in the future.

There will also be enhancements to the campaign automation feature to allow users to specify an opt-in consent step in the campaign process. This will allow you to collect opt-ins from landing pages, surveys and web forms.


For more information see: http://clickdimensions.com/