ClickDimensions adding Social Engagement

We are excited to announce that our partner ClickDimensions, has upgraded their product to included powerful tools in order to monitor your social media accounts.
These features include

Social Scheduling – This will prove extremely valuable since before 3rd party tools had to be used for automatically posting to social media which segmented and drew out the experience. With the new ClickDimensions update that is all over because there is a unified experience which allows a user to submit one post through ClickDimensions which then is posted to all platforms. This means no more logging into Facebook then Twitter then LinkedIn and submitting the same post over and over.


Record Creation via Social Media – This feature means that when a person sends a message to the company’s social media account ClickDimensions will automatically log the post and attach it to a person in CRM and if they don’t exist it will create a new contact or lead record for them.


Analytics – ClickDimensions has been well known for its powerful insight tools allowing users to very quickly and easily to see the levels of engagement of their marketing campaigns. This in conjunction with the Social Scheduling tools will mean that the large portions of social media actions can be automated, meaning more time can be spent on other tasks. In addition, each platform will be posting the same message, so the value of each platform can be evaluated.