Corefocus Dynamics CRM & Marketing Breakfast Workshop

Today we hosted a workshop featuring Dynamics CRM & Marketing with ClickDimensions. A PDF of our slides can be found here.

In this blog, we will go into more detail about how we organised and managed our event using CRM and ClickDimensions.

Event Register

We chose Eventbrite as our event register. We chose this platform because of its easy to use and intuitive design, this makes it fast to set up a professional event. Eventbrite also provides a variety of features which we found useful such as creating tickets and checking attendees in.

Connecting Eventbrite to CRM/ClickDimensions

Next, we set up the connector between Eventbrite and CRM in the ClickDimensions settings and authenticated our account. Once the connector is in place the information entered into Eventbrite is automatically sync’d with CRM and a new Event record is created. We were now ready to begin promoting our event. Click here for instructions on how we did this provided by ClickDimensions.

Email Marketing

To promote our event, we utilised the Email Sends of ClickDimensions. Even with limited design experience we were able to create an email that looked like it had been made by a graphical designer using the ClickDimensions Drag and Drop editor. We then sent out the first email to a marketing list that we created using the contacts we have in our CRM. Click here for instructions on how we did this provided by ClickDimensions.


Now that the email had been sent using ClickDimensions were able to see who was interacting with it. We could view things like; how many times they opened, clicked and where they clicked on the email. ClickDimensions Email Statistics gave us lots of stats and information that is easy to digest and understand. It allowed us to resend the email to people where it bounced.


Now that people were signing up to our event in Eventbrite the information that each individual entered got automatically added to their CRM profile or a new contact was created if they don’t already exist.

After the event ended we used the Email Sends again to send out our Thank You’s to everyone that attended.

For our next event, we plan to use even more ClickDimensions features such as Campaign Automation to promote and run our event.